Frequently Asked Questions

I love your work, how do I book you?

Super easy! Shoot me a message from the contact page or email and we will set up a time to get together! We will work together on booking and once we sign the official contract and the deposit is paid. . . I'm all yours! Yay! I'll be here every step of the way. . . From planning, shooting and even after the shoot! But, I tend to become friends with my clients after the work is done, so you won't be getting rid of me! ;)

Do you travel for weddings?

Yes! Of course! I'm always up for an adventure!

What education do you have?

I am proud to say that I went to one of the top art schools in the world, Savannah College of Art & Design! I majored in photography and double minored in fashion photography and advertising photography. Although I went to school for fashion and advertising photography, I have been shooting wedding since the age of fifteen!

Do I need a second photographer?

I will never tell you what to do on your day. . . I mean, it is your day. Although, I may tell you to hug your groom or tilt you head a bit. No, you don't NEED a second photographer, but I think you will want one. There’s plenty of benefits to having a second photographer. Having two photographers allows for one photographer to document the bride getting ready and the other to document the groom. During the ceremony, you can get multiple angles which is awesome! Lastly, the one not many clients think of, is having someone to get the "safe" photos while I can get a little creative. The images that will suprise you when you get to lay your eyes on your gallery.

How do you describe your approach to a wedding day?

My approach is similar to having your best friend by your side throughout your whole day. By the time your wedding day comes we will actually be friends. Mostly because I love each and every one of my couples, but there's also the purpose of you feeling comfortable around me. I'm there for you every step of planning. I'm simply there to document the intimate moments. The real moments between you and your future husband, the first time your dad sees you in your gown and the first tear that rolls down your mom's cheek. I try to intefere as little as possible so as many of those sweet moments evolve and I can capture them so you can relive them for years to come.

How do you describe your photography style?

I like to describe my style as timeless with warm tones and rich greens. I don't want clients to look at their photos years from now and think, "that's SO 2021!" Just like fashion, there's always trends in art/photography - over editing, over exposed, etc. My timeless, yet artistic, style will keep your photos feeling relevant decades from now.

Branding & Lifestyle

For the influencers and small business owners. . .

As social media gets bigger and bigger, new photography is needed more consistently. Regularly changing your website also helps with your SEO. Whether it be consistent images of your products, outfits or business - MDB Photography is here! We create imagery specifically for you. We consider your brand, style, color scheme, aesthetic and ideal client in order to create your ideal images. Using mood boards, research, shot lists, prop lists, perfect timing and location. . . We can help you create the perfect imagery to represent your company/brand to attract your ideal clients. 

Ranging from $325-$375 a session


Branding and lifestyle sessions can be booked multiple ways. . . basically, the more sessions you book the bigger discount you receive per session. You can book a single session, bi-monthly or monthly!

Single 1 Hour Session 


Six 1 Hour Sessions

     $350 each

Twelve 1 Hour Sessions

     $325 each

Weddings & Elopements

Wedding Packages

Every wedding and every couples is so unique. That is one of the many reasons I love my job and love each and every one of my couples. MDBP offers coverage for 7 hours or more! You can choose to have one or two photographers.


Starting at $2,650


Elopement Packages

For the more intimate couples. . .  The ones that want a small and sweet ceremony with the closest of their friends and family. The ones that would rather have 10 to 25 guests instead of 250. Maybe traveling to a unique place to get married is more important to you than renting the closest mansion. Whatever you reasoning is. . . I want to be there to document each of the sweet moments that occur on your special day!

Starting at $900

A La Carte

Engagement Session




Portrait Sessions

Starting at $375 (based on # of people)

Senior Portraits




Straight forward pricing so you get exactly what you want. 

MDB Photography is an open book when it comes to payments! Every shoot comes with personal rights to print and post. They also come with a personalized digital gallery of the professionally edited images in color AND black & white. Of course, you can print through my professionals for better quality photographs but, that is totally up to you!