2021 Wedding Trends

Hi friend! Happy New Year! With a new year comes new trends.

Let's be honest, 2020 took away a lot, but it did not take away love. Love was NOT cancelled. Love is NOT cancelled. We still don't have a clear sight of what 2021 will bring, but there are still couples that want to get married and that makes my heart SO happy!

I'm a big advocate of being you on your day. Your wedding should reflect you and your soul mate - and your relationship. I recommend doing 50-60% classic wedding and then implementing the rest with trends so your wedding photographs will still be timeless. But, it's your day! You do you!

I know you came to my little corner of the internet for a reason, I won't make you wait any longer! Here's my top 2021 wedding trends!

1. Tiny Toasts - Most of us are used to the Best Man/Maid of Honor speeches and possibly parents speeches, but more toasts are becoming popular. Whether it's a family friend or a mutual friend of the couple, many wedding guests are having their own speeches, even if it's a short and sweet toast. I believe a lot of this idea is coming from the intimate weddings. Weddings lately have been on the smaller side. . . Hello! Covid-19! Therefore, if you are invited to a wedding, you're REALLY special to the bride and groom - plain and simple.

2. Living Room Decor - This trend has become more and more popular. Making guests feel at home while also making your wedding look super fancy!

3. Weekday Weddings - Due to the postponed weddings of 2020, 2021 weekends are filling up fast for all wedding vendors, leaving some couples no choice. Sounds unfortunate, but you may save you some money! Some venues offer discounted rates for weekdays because they are less popular. Plus, if you get married during the week, you have the whole weekend to celebrate!

4. Outdoor Activities - The year of 2020 made outdoor activities more popular because of the worldwide pandemic. That activity trend trickled in to weddings! Whether it's Corn Hole, Badminton, Jenga. . . The options are endless! Being outdoors allows guests to feel a little more comfortable being at a wedding during this crazy time.

5. Lighting - Just this one thing can make a huge difference to a space. Whether it's a chandelier, twinkle lights or Edison bulbs. . .

6. Customized Wedding Favors - Masks and hand sanitizer are pretty much mandatory at all weddings rights now and some of my are getting creative with this! Whether is customized masks and/or hand sanitizer. They are taking advantage of the rule and making it their own. Per usual, the customized koozies are still popular and a big hit.

7. Mix and Match - I'm super excited about this one because really anything works! Bridesmaids all in different colors, patterns and styles. . . Do it! Mismatched seating? Do it! Mix and match is in for 2021 and I'm all for it!

8. Colors - Just like the fashion world, every year there are trending wedding colors. Here are the colors that will be in for 2021.

Light blue

Always popular because it's subtle, yet fun. It also brings in the "Something blue."


Just by looking at my photography, you can tell I'm a big fan of rich greens, so I'm all here for this one! It's so natural and looks AMAZING with all the greenery and Spanish Moss if you're getting married in Savannah, Georgia. ;) You could do ties, bridesmaids dresses, greenery, the options are endless!


All my 80's and 90's babies. . . This one is for you! Just a pop of color - a pop of fun! Whether you use it in your flowers, shoes, etc. Make a STATEMENT.


Sweet and delicate. Similar to the light blue, but just a little different without being too crazy.


Not saying I started the trend, but this past summer I did a styled shoot at Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens and I planned most of it using Orange and Yellow (yellow is on this list too) ;) These colors are SO much fun, adding happiness to your happy day!


Simple and classic. Pretty much my entire wardrobe... This is a trend now and I predict it to always be. This is an easy way to make sure your photos are timeless.


Just as mentioned before, the happiest of colors on your happiest of days - Yellow! Yellow is such a sweet color, whether it's bright or light. It's a perfect way to bring in some vibrance.

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