6 Reasons Engagement Sessions are a MUST!

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Did you recently get down on one knee? Or, did you recently get a pretty rock on your hand? You've picked your soul mate, a wedding date and a venue. . . You're probably wondering are engagement sessions (sometimes called E-sessions or forever sessions) really necessary? Planning a wedding is already packed and can be expensive and overwhelming. So, should you just skip the engagement session and save money and time? Trust me - You're going to want engagement photos. Engagement sessions are a once-in-a-lifetime photo shoot that will allow you to remember this time for years to come. Being engaged is such an exciting point in your life, right before you get to marry the one you love. Here's 6 Reasons Engagement Sessions are a MUST!

1. Get to Know your Photographer! - It's very unlikely you hire or hired a friend as your wedding photographer. So, it's pretty much a stranger coming to one of the biggest events of your life. Your wedding photographer is so much more than a stranger with a camera. They will be with you for HOURS on your wedding day. During intimate moments and silly moments. You want to be yourself! It can get pretty awkward if you don't know them. Use this opportunity to get to know them! And. . . If you're anything like my couples, your photographer will want to be real life friends just like my couples and I! Seriously, I spend so much time with my couples (and plenty of phone calls and emails) even before the wedding, we're pretty much best friends by the time their wedding day comes around.

2. Wedding Purposes! - Save the date cards are most likely the first thing that comes to your mind. But, there's so many uses for engagement photos on your wedding day. . . From thank you cards, wedding website, guest book and center pieces for the reception! All these are important components to a wedding that would benefit from having professional photography!

3. Get Comfortable in Front of the Camera! - Most couples aren't models. They aren't used to being in front of the camera and some even HATE being in front of the camera. Especially the men, they tend to get super awkward and uncomfortable a soon as a camera is pointed in their directions - sorry, boys. But, practice makes perfect! Many of my couples say they were so much more comfortable on their wedding day because of their engagement session. And. . . I'm going to be honest here. . . Couples that did engagement sessions usually have better wedding photographs. It's true (most of the time) because they're comfortable! I promise you, if you do engagement photos you will feel so much more relaxed and basically be pros on your wedding day.

4. Hair and Makeup Trial - Most brides have a little trial run of hair and makeup prior to their wedding day. Just to make sure they get exactly what they want when the big day comes. Your wedding day is the last day you want to have a bad hair (or makeup) day. So, what do you do once you have your hair and makeup done and you're looking like a total bombshell? Duh! Have an engagement or bridal session! Get to see how your hair and makeup looks in professional photos.

5. Make it a date night! - How often do you get all dolled up? If you're anything like me, it's not very often. Especially, when you're planning a wedding. . . dates nights can be forgotten. But, if you're already dressed up, why not go on a fancy date night afterwards and have some fun!?

6. You're MORE than a wedding day! - Engagement sessions allow for personality! Do you go on an ice cream date every Friday night at Leopold's ? Let's have your photo shoot there! Did you meet playing volleyball on Tybee Island? Maybe a Tybee Island sunset shoot is the way to go. I love incorporating my couple into the location. I always ask them if there's anywhere sentimental to them. Of course, Savannah has PLENTY of gorgeous locations but, if it's a sentimental place to the couple it makes the photos so much more meaningful. I want to tell your love story. How you and your fiancé met and created this beautiful relationship.

I would love to hear why you want or wanted to have an engagement session in the comments below!

Did you just recently get engaged? Congratulations! I'm so happy for you! What better place to have your engagement photos taken than one of the most romantic cities in America - Savannah, Georgia! Send me a message and we can chat about capturing your love story with your soulmate!

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