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Abby & Nick - Forsyth Park

Every girl has had dreams of what their future boyfriend or husband will one day be. . . Abby scored that dream man! A boy that plans the perfect date night - picks your dress out, plans a secret photo shoot and dinner! Can you say boyfriend goals?!? 😍

Nick emailed me asking if we could put together a surprise shoot for his girlfriend. . . Let’s just say I was ALL ABOUT IT. 🥰 Abby just recently started school at Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD) - the BEST SCHOOL EVER I must say! 😉 Nick took this opportunity to celebrate with the perfect night. How sweet?!

Thirty minutes before the shoot he told her to get ready, picked out her dress and told her they were going to dinner. When he parked at Forsyth Park she was confused, but went with the flow. I sat patiently next to the fountain at Forsyth as they walked up. Nick explained the surprise and Abby was so shocked, confused, but overall super excited! We wandered around Forsyth and I documented their love 💕

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