Best Way To Pick Your Wedding Color Palette

To the girl that can't stop looking at her left ring finger, but can't make a decision on a color palette for her wedding. . . This one is for you.

If you're anything like me, choosing colors can be extremely hard. I just adore every color for different reasons. I even went through a phase when I was little that I answered "the rainbow" when asked my favorite color. I've gotten a little better at choosing colors after going through a Color Theory class in college, but sometimes I still get a color block. Get it? Like a writer's block, but with colors. . .

So. . . You got a pretty rock on your finger and now it's time to plan one of the biggest days of your life. Naturally, you go on Pinterest and start digging down the (addicting) wedding inspiration tunnel. I mean, we've all done it. Get on there for just a "little bit" and. . . two glasses of wine and some snacks later. . . It's 2 a.m. and we've accomplished nothing but a whole list of DIY activities for our fiancé (or ourselves).

Some instantly know they want purple and green because it goes perfectly with their ceremony and reception venue. Some people know they want a blue and yellow color palette for their wedding because they love the way those two shades look together. Some brides want pink because that's always been their favorite color.

Some. . . Have absolutely no idea. Don't worry, I've worked in the wedding industry for almost 8 years now, been to more weddings than I can count and have no idea what color palette I want. . . I have the tool for you, if you are color palette clueless. . .

This website is free, easy and. . . addicting. It puts color combinations together just by tapping your space bar.

Here's a color palette I found within seconds that I adore. . .

Say you aren't a fan of that specific shade. . . No worries! You can choose an "alternative shade."

Or. . . Adjust the color!

And. . . If you love some of the colors, but not the rest, you can lock the colors you like and shuffle the ones you don't!

PRO TIP: One thing to take into consideration, there is always a difference in color depending on the screen. Colors view different from one computer to the next or from one cell phone to the next. I recommend getting something physical that matches your color scheme you have picked. Whether it's fabric, paper, ribbon or anything tangible.

Alright, friends. Go play! Just be aware. . . colors have never been so addicting. Happy Planning!!

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