Branding Shoot with Salt & Shore Co. - Savannah, Georgia

If you were to look up "Boss Babe" in the dictionary, you would find Mandy - the owner of Salt & Shore Company. Seriously, she's a female entrepreneur that's alway hustling. She's constantly finding ways to make herself and her company better. But, she not all about herself. Mandy creates a community of support and encouragement for everyone. She consistently cheering on those around her. If you are one of the lucky ones that has been blessed with Mandy in your life, you know this is true.

Mandy founded Salt & Shore in 2016 in South Carolina. Her products are inspired by family, friends and the coastal lifestyle. Salt & Shore's hand-poured candles are thoughtfully planned from the scent, design and color. Each collection of candles is based around the romance and appreciation of living in the low country. Every time a candle is poured, memories come rushing back and it feels like home. Whether you're a visitor to Savannah or a local you'll want one (or all) of these candles that are made right here in Savannah, Georgia!

MDB Photography has been creating Salt & Shore's photography for almost a year now! Over the last year, Mandy has gone from an acquaintance, client and now one of my best friends. I'm so blessed to have met such a beautiful woman inside and out. Go check out Salt & Shore Co. and give Mandy some love in the comments because we all know she deserves it!

Based in Savannah, Georgia

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