Cam's Senior Portrait Session

One of my favorite sessions to photograph is seniors because I remember almost every detail about that year. I find it so easy to connect with these beautiful (and handsome) souls that have so much adventure ahead of them. My senior year, I was full of so many mixed emotions. Excited and nervous to finally be done. Sad about leaving some of my close friends. Scared of what was coming in the mail that day - was it going to be a big envelope or little letter? 📬 Happy to be moving onto bigger and better things. My senior year was pretty normal compared to the Class of 2020. My heart hurts for these students. COVID-19 has not been nice to anyone, but these seniors had their final year of high school completely disrupted by this nasty virus. These students deserve to be celebrated y'all!

Everyone, meet Cam. If there is one thing you should know about him. . . Cam's parents raised him right. He is so polite, talented, sweet, funny, athletic. . . Just think of any positive adjective and it would describe him. Cam, I am SO proud of you! It's so hard to believe the little boy next door that I used to babysit is now a young man! If anyone can make the best out of a situation, it's you. So, stay true to yourself and make the most out of your senior year. You deserve it! Make your senior year the best year EVER and don’t be afraid of the future!

Cam, you are going to do amazing things at Virginia Tech and in the future. You are going to conquer the world, I know it. Congratulations, Cam! GO HOKIES!

Is your child a senior? Let's give them the celebration they deserve! Message me about scheduling your session here - I can't wait to celebrate this achievement with you!

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