Caroline & Tucker - Tybee Island, Georgia Engagement Session

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

There's just something about ending a day with the sunset on Tybee Island. Watching the sun float down towards the horizon on the back river is so peaceful. The colors, sound of the ocean and the sand hitting your toes clears the mind. It's so romantic, which is why it's a popular spot for engagement photos in Savannah. That's one of the many reasons I love being a Savannah Wedding Photographer. I mean, how could you not love your job when you are on the beach with some of the best couples you've ever met?!

I absolutely love all engagement sessions, but this one was super special. . . Do you know why?! The handsome guy is my brother!! Tucker is the youngest of my three older brothers and the first of my siblings to get engaged! He's engaged to a super sweet girl from Buffalo, New York named Caroline that I absolutely adore! And, it's not easy to get a sister's approval. She's the perfect girl for Tucker and my family and I could not be happier for the two of them.

The family joke is that Tucker and I are like oil and water. We never got along when we were younger. We literally tormented each other. . . From holes in the wall to locking each other out of the house and everything in between, we just could not get along. In high school, I even started dating a guy he told me to never talk to just to make him mad. I mean, I went on a date with the guy to make him mad then ended up catching feelings and dating him. . . OOPS! Who would have thought that relationship would never work out!? Ladies reading this, listen to your brother. I promise, brothers are right most of the time. We really never got along until he left for college - haha. That's what distant will do for you.

Caroline and Tucker met at college where they both attended Alfred University. These two dated most of college, graduated in 2017, moved to Connecticut and now live in a super cool and industrial apartment in Buffalo, New York. I know, everyone is thinking, "why would you live somewhere so cold?" Caroline's family lives there and they both have super awesome jobs there. I've tried getting them to move to Savannah, Georgia - trust me. We knew they were getting pretty serious when they rescued a pup together. ;) Wayne, their pup, has told me I'm his favorite aunt, but that's a secret - hehe!

Tucker proposed in Ireland just a few weeks before Thanksgiving. So, when Caroline and Tucker came to visit Savannah for Thanksgiving they knew a photographer they wanted to take their engagement photos. ;) I'm so happy I was able to capture their engagement photos considering I'll be a little busy on their wedding day. . . being a bridesmaid!

Caroline, you have willing accepted to live with my old roommate for life. I feel bad for you. . . I now give you my permission to annoy him forever. - haha! Just kidding! Jokes aside. . . Caroline and Tucker, I'm so excited you found one another. I knew from the first day I met you, Caroline, you were the perfect one for Tucker. I feel so blessed to be able to call my (future) sister. I am so excited for your future together. Both of you are incredible but, together you are unstoppable. I cannot wait to stand next to you on your wedding day and of course, throw it down on the dance floor.

We obviously had a blast together during their Tybee Island engagement photos. I'm so happy I got to capture their love and get to share these images with you. If you recently got engaged. . . Congratulations! If you would like to talk about your engagement photos, contact me! I would love to be able to capture your love story!

Be sure to give Caroline & Tucker some love and well wishes in the comments below! Enjoy!!

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