Hannah & Isaac's Mackey House Wedding - Savannah, GA

To explain Hannah and Isaac's love story. . . Think of every chemistry and love pun/joke you know. . . Literally, they met in Chemistry class in high school. I'm a HUGE fan of puns and it's so hard not to just put a bunch of puns on this blog - haha! In all seriousness, Hannah and Isaac are the sweetest. They compliment each other so perfectly. They made each other giggle constantly and it's the cutest thing.

Just like every COVID-19 wedding, not everyone could attend, which makes their wedding photos so much more special. Images for not only them to look back on, but show those that couldn't make it.

Venue: Mackey House

Dress: That Dress

Flowers: Bloominous

Hair and Makeup: Beyond Beautiful By Heather

Cake: Flirt with Dessert

Congratulations Hannah and Isaac! So much love for you both!

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