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How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Venue

One of the coolest parts about weddings (other than marrying your soulmate) is that you get to personalize EVERYTHING. You can do the typical traditions or add something totally out there. It's YOUR day. But. . . You do need a place to get married. Whether it be your backyard, the gorgeous mansion downtown, an elegant ballroom, a restored barn or a stunning plantation on the marsh. If you do a Google search for "wedding venues in Savannah" there's going to be a TON of options. It can be a little overwhelming. I doubt you want to go tour each and every one of them so this (hopefully) can help you narrow those options down.

Savannah, Georgia wedding at Red Gate Farms, Wedding Photography, MDB Photography, Savannah Wedding Photography

1. Aesthetic.

It may seem silly, but it's crucial. You don't want a barn if it's a black-tie wedding. You don't want a grand ballroom in a mansion for a casual wedding. Which wedding style are you going for? Bohemian, beach, formal? There's so many different styles, but choose a style that speaks to you and your future husband/wife. Don't have any idea what style you want? PINTEREST.

2. Priorities.

What's the most important? Location, cost, number of guests. . . Do you have any must-haves at your wedding? Do you need to have a beach view? Do you need the venue to be pet-friendly so your furry kids can attend?

3. What's included?

Some venues include chairs, tables, linens, bar, catering, etc. Some do not. A full-service venue may cost more up front, but after renting from multiple vendors. . . It could be the better value. Do the math.

4. Practicality & Ease.

It's your day. Most of your guests will do almost anything in order to be at your wedding day. Want them to book a flight and hotel for your destination wedding in Bali? The important people will. Want them to drive an hour from your ceremony to your reception. Again, the important people will. They don't want to miss your big day. But. . . the easier you can make it on them, the better. Can you have your ceremony and reception in the same spot? Can your reception just be a walk away from the church? Can you rent a trolley that takes your guests from the ceremony to the reception? The easier you make it for your guests, the better the guest experience. Plus, I promise your guests will love you even more if you aren't having them drive an hour in a blizzard.

5. Date and Time

Are you looking for a specific date? Some brides wish to get married on their parents' wedding anniversary. Or, during a certain holiday. That's an easy email to all the possible venues asking if that date is available. If that date is not available, that's any easy one to knock off the list of possibilities. Side note, some venues offer discounts for weekday weddings or even weddings during certain months. Check to see if any of your venues offer discounts for specific days or months.

6. Pros and Cons

Once you narrow it down to your favorite venues, make a list of the pros and cons. Anything from pet-friendly to full bar to location. Write it out. You may realize one of the venues has a lot more cons or a lot more pros. That will help you narrow it down.

Savannah, Georgia wedding at Georgia State Railroad Museum, Wedding Photography, MDB Photography, Savannah Wedding Photography

It's your wedding, there is no right or wrong answer. Want to ride a horse dressed as a unicorn to your ceremony. DO IT. Want to get a giant donut instead of a wedding cake? DO IT. It's your day to have every single one of your wedding dreams come true. I hope this helps you pick your wedding venue or even narrow it down. Wherever you decide to get married, I know it will be beautiful because you get to marry your best friend! Happy planning, love birds!


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