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White Elephant Designs

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Two New Orleans’ sisters, Emily and Hope, started their extremely successful and fashionable company White Elephant Designs in 2012 in their new establishment of Chicago, IL. The products range from clothing to hats to bags. The business was started as a hobby, a love of fashion and a sisterly bond. They have been featured in Vogue, The Today Show, Southern Living, Maybelline, The Wendy Williams Show, Haute off the Rack and many more!

This work showcases different White Elephant Designs’ products in different locations throughout Savannah, Georgia. The style is inspired by the owners’ Louisianan’s roots. In this work, the photographs encourage fashionistas to consider purchasing a stylish straw bag for their next eye-catching outfit. All the images are created using natural light with some reflectors. Lighting, composition, styling, posing, location, color, etc. were all considered.

Shop all White Elephant Designs on their website!

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