Tanya & Josh - River Street Proposal - Savannah, Georgia

If I had to pick one guy that was the most prepared for his proposal. . . It would be Josh. Sorry to all the other men. - Haha! Josh text me what they were wearing and everything.

No surprise, Savannah decided to randomly downpour an hour before the proposal. It wasn't drizzling. It was a full on DOWNPOUR. Josh and I were texting as the two of them were eating at Fiddler's Crab House. I ended up getting there early and as soon as I got there, the rain stopped. Completely stopped. I quickly put down the "X" in masking tape and went to my hiding spot, behind a parked car. I text Josh, he paid the check and the cameras were rolling, with NO rain. YAYYYY!

Tanya had no clue about the proposal - it was amazing. She briefly saw me with my camera and assumed I was just really excited about the cargo ship going by - haha!

After the proposal, we strolled on River Street, Factor's Walk and Bay Street for a mini engagement session. Josh crushed it. Tanya was surprised. The proposal was nothing but perfection.

Congratulations to Tanya and Josh - show them some love in the comments!

Are you thinking of getting on one knee and asking the special four word question? MDB Photography would LOVE to document your proposal! Shoot me a message so we can start planning the next step of your love story!

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