Top 12 Ring Shots of 2020

It's almost the end of 2020, most are extremely happy to see this year come to an end. Although this year was full of surprises and a pandemic, I still had so many happy memories. This year, I had the pleasure to capture those getting down on one knee (asking that four word question) and couples getting married to their best friend.

The emotions of each of those special moments will forever be my favorite, but ring shots make me happy too.

Wedding rings symbolize many things, but the one most widely know is commitment. Just like in most vows you'll hear, "I give you this ring as a sign of my commitment.” They also symbolize pride. Proud of your significant other, proud of your marriage, etc.

The shape of rings also has a symbol. A rings symbolizes undeniable love and commitment because the circle does not have a beginning and it does not have an end. The center opening represents a path to the future.

It's safe to say, they are more than just a pretty face. ;)

All year round I have had the honor of capturing these beautiful symbols of love. Whether it was for a proposal, engagement session or a wedding - each one is so beautiful and so special.

Enjoy my favorite ring shots of 2020.

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