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Trends for 2020 Weddings

So, you recently got a pretty rock on your hand?! Or, you recently got down on one knee and asked that important four word question? CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so excited for you! So, now it's planning time! You may be intimidated or maybe you're super excited! You're wanting a wedding that will not only be memorable for you but, for your guests too!

Welcome to the roaring 20's! With a new year comes new trends. This is the year of being sentimental and unique. I'm a big advocate of being you on your day. In reality, for a wedding you only need three things - You, someone to marry and an officiant. But, most couples make it a bigger deal than those three things and that's totally understandable. I recommend doing 50-60% classic wedding and implementing the rest with trends so your wedding photographs will still be timeless. But, it's your day! You do you! I won't make you wait any longer! Here's the 2020 wedding trends you'll want to incorporate into your special day!

1. All green everything!

Being green in your everyday life has been a trend for a while now but, why not continue to do it on your wedding day? Though being green is something that should never be considered a trend, more and more couples are making united efforts to lessen the impact their weddings have on our planet. 2020 is all about up cycling for your wedding! Whether it be resetting a family stone for your engagement ring or using that old wood in your backyard as table numbers. It's all about reducing yours and your guests carbon footprint. Think about how your wedding could impact the world!

2. Barrettes & Combs

This one is for the ladies. . . Maybe the men if they're feeling it - haha! A barrette bedazzled or covered in pearls is the perfect way to pull back hair from your gorgeous face. You could even easily switch up your hairstyle for the reception so you're ready to throw it down on the dance floor. Of course, veils are in and will always be a wedding trend but, this little detail is so sweet.

3. BOLD color

Just like every season there's the trending colors that everyone is wearing and decorating with... The 2020 colors for weddings are big and bold. The top three colors are neo mint, faded denim and mellow yellow. All bold yet refreshing pastels.

4. Creative Attire

It's YOUR day! Wear whatever you want! It's your one day of your whole life you can wear anything and no one can judge you. If they do, call me! Making a statement is SO in, whether you are a bride or groom. Want to wear a black wedding dress? Or, maybe a floral dress? DO IT! No one is stopping you! To my grooms out there, want to wear a patterned coat? Do it! Seriously. Get creative. Draw attention. Make your day all about YOU. Bonus! If you wear something other than the norm, your guests will for sure remember your wedding.

5. Lights, Camera, Married!

Hit the lights! It could be uplighting at the reception, tube lighting or neon sign writing out your new last name, candles to provide the romantic vibes or even fairy lights for a more whimsical feel. Lights are shining through in this new decade in so many ways and it's lit!

6. Self Serve Beverages & Refreshments

I'm not saying that you should throw a bunch of cans of beer in a cooler and call it done. Get creative! Maybe have a gorgeous display of dispensers on a vintage bureau or a display of cocktail garnishes for guests to make their own cocktail. Not only will your guests have a blast making their own concoction but, you'll have one less bartender to hire - woohoo!

7. Let's Have a Ball (gown)

I know. . . I know. . . You either love the idea or absolutely hate it. A little secret, I used to work at a bridal boutique as a bridal consultant. I'm telling you, a ball gown is one of the most flattering styles. Again, what other day of your life can you wear something like that? Just give it a try when you are at your appointment and if you know you hate it. . . Put on the next dress! Other dress and gown trends this year are one-shoulder and big sleeves - yup, big sleeves are back - according to the experts!

8. Statement Veil

Hailey Baldwin/Bieber most likely started the trend train but, I'm totally on the train! Make a statement, ladies. Everyone is going to have their eyes on you anyways. Make it long or make it unique. You can add lace, tassels or even pearls! My recommendation is to get your veil from Adele Amelia so you can have a customized veil that is totally YOU!

If you are reading this you are probably planning a wedding or helping someone plan a wedding! YAY! That's so exciting! Planning a wedding can be hard and stressful but don't let it be! Have fun with it!

There are so many trends that will come as the year goes on but, these are my favorites so far! What are your favorites? What trend(s) are you making part of your big day?! I want to read all about your wedding planning in the comments below!

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