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What to Include on your Wedding Website

The wedding website. . . Most couples have them, but this is most likely your first time making one, so you may need some help. Don't worry! As a wedding photographer and a girl in her mid-20's (all my friends are getting married) I've seen PLENTY of wedding websites.

First, this should be fun! Make the website reflect you and your love story! There's so many templates to use, but find one that goes well with your wedding theme or color scheme! It will make all the wedding details come together perfectly!

A list of what to include on your wedding website.

The Basics

  • Who (names)

  • When (date & times)

  • Where (ceremony & reception locations)

  • Countdown (who doesn't love a countdown?)

Your Love Story

  • How You Met (one of my favorites)

  • When You Knew

  • The Proposal


  • Where to Stay

  • Airport Information

  • What To Do (your guests may have extra time)

  • How To Get Around (Uber, Lyft, Trolley, Pedicab)


  • Who (Names)

  • When (Date & Times)

  • Where (Ceremony & Reception Locations)

  • Countdown (Who doesn't love a countdown)


  • Engagement Photos (I can help with that 😉)

  • Proposal Photos

  • Through The Years

Wedding Party

  • Who (name & relation - friend, sister, brother, cousin)

  • Photo of You and Bridesmaid/Groomsman


  • What To Wear (semi-formal, formal, casual, etc.)

  • Are Children Welcome?

  • Parking

  • RSVP Deadline

  • Indoor/Outdoors?

  • Accessibility


  • Link Wedding Registries

    • (Ideas: Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Pottery Barn, Williams-Sonoma, Restoration Hardware, Crate & Barrel)


  • Attending/Not Attending

  • Number of Guests

  • Mailing Address

  • Dietary Restrictions

  • Meal Choice

A list of what to include on your wedding website.

Lastly, here are my favorite platforms for wedding websites:


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