MDBP's Favorite Savannah Locations

Forsyth Park

A Savannah Classic - Savannah's largest and oldest park covering over 30 acres. This gorgeous park features one of the city's most famous photo op. - the white fountain. 

Jones Street

Jones Street is said to be one of the prettiest streets in America. It is easily a local and visitor favorite! You can never go wrong with this cobblestone street lined with beautiful homes and trees. Can easily be paired with Forsyth Park during your session, they are just a short walk from one another. 

Wormsloe Historic Site

What you will most likely see when you Google "Savannah" - Wormsloe features a mile and a half dirt road lined with beautiful oak trees that were planted there in the 1890's. 

(Note: There is a $25 photography and admission per person. Wormsloe is NOT recommended for those that will be taking an Uber.)
Factor's Walk & River Street

Savannah's famous River Street with a nearby hidden gem. The Savannah River lines some adorable shops, restaurants and hotels. At Factor's Walk, just a few steps away from River Street, you'll find beautiful cobblestone walkways, historic bricks and my favorite, iron bridges.  

Skidaway Island State Park

A location for the adventurous ones, who don't mind a little walking. This State Park borders Skidaway narrows, a part of Georgia’s intracoastal waterway. The trails wind through the maritime forest and salt marshes. 

(Note: There is a $5 parking fee)
Tybee Island

Tybee is a barrier island, also known as Savannah's local beach. It's a popular filming location for movies - The Last SongThe SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water, Bay Watch and many more!