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5 Pro-Tips for Planning the Perfect Proposal

Woohoo! You picked out a fancy ring. You found the love of your life. Now it's time to get down on a knee and ask that four word question. If you are like any of my clients, you are N-E-R-V-O-U-S as can be. Don't worry, you aren't the only one. And honestly. . . If you weren't nervous, I would be a little concerned.

I have been honored to witness (and document) so many sweet proposals! I've been honored to coach these men (and some women) on how to pull off the perfect proposal. Now it's your turn and I'm so happy you're here! This next milestone is going to be perfect in every way. The more you prepare, the less stressed you will be! So. . . Here are my 5 Pro-Tips for Planning the Perfect Proposal. . . 1. Know your soulmate

Do you think he/she will want it to be a public event? Or would they rather have a more intimate and private moment? Some like the “Big Screen at an NHL football game” moment. . . While others, like the “quiet picnic on the beach” moment.

2. Get Creative

Adding personal touches to a proposal is the SWEETEST! Don’t get me wrong, proposals are already super sweet but making it personal is the cherry on top. Think about what your future bride or groom loves. . . Is she a wine guru? Make a personalized label with “Will you marry me?” on it. Is he a huge fan of movies? Ask the local theatre to put that special question up on their marquee. Get creative and add personality! You know them better than anyone else does.

3. Keeping the Secret

You’re going to be excited. You’re going to want to tell anyone and everyone. My advice, only tell the people that NEED to know. The more people that know, the more likely your boyfriend or girlfriend will find out. Plus, it’s more fun to share the news as a couple.

4. Picking the Date

Giving a ring to the love of your life is amazing. Having a birthday is also amazing. Don’t combine them. Proposing on her (or his) birthday sounds adorable, but it’s a no-no. Really, you should avoid any major holiday. A proposal is extremely special and deserves it’s own day to be celebrated.

5. Get it documented

This is a MUST in my book. Every girl dreams of being able to look back at photos or a video of one of the biggest moments of her life. I promise you, the money you spend will be well worth it. This way, you can relive that moment over and over again. Get a professional videographer or photographer (*cough cough*) that will be able to document that moment beautifully for you and your fiance! If you decide to hire a videographer or photographer, try and meet up with them prior so you can make a game plan.

Bonus Tip:

Wear baggy clothes. If you’re wearing skinny jeans or other tight clothing, your significant other is bound to see the box. If you have some looser fit clothing, wear that so the ring is less noticeable.


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