9 Things You Need From Amazon For Your Wedding

My best friend, Amazon. You know her and we all love her! Some things for your wedding day should not be purchased on Amazon, while other things you should! Saving money doesn’t have to mean skimping on class or even quality. I’ve made a list of my favorite things you can purchase on Amazon for your wedding. Just click on the photo and it will take you directly to my recommended product. Happy planning!

  1. Clear Umbrellas - Of course, we all hope it doesn't rain on your wedding day, but let's be realistic. We can't control it. These umbrellas are LIFESAVERS! They look amazing in photos AND keep you dry. The best part, they come in bundles, so your wedding party can match!

2. Ring Box - Your ring is beautiful and it's everything you've dreamed of. . . Why take a photo of

it in the box it came in?! The box it came in most likely has a logo on it and does not match your

color scheme for your wedding. These ring boxes are beautiful and come in so many gorgeous

colors. It will make your detailed shots SO much better. And. . . It's only $13.99!

3. Hanger - Ladies! You've spent countless hours finding the perfect dress, not to mention the

money spent. Do you really want dress photos using a plastic hanger? To be completely honest,

seeing plastic hangers breaks my heart. That piece of plastic is an eyesore!

4. Savor Wedding Keepsake Box - This one is a fan favorite with many of my brides. Some

received it as a gift and some have purchased it for themselves. It comes with 50+ Illustrated

pre-categorized labels to keep special things safe. Whether it's something from your first date,

from your wedding or even an anniversary! There's drawers, envelopes and a fabric bag to make

sure everything is safe and organized.

5. Wedding Countdown - There's really no explanation for this one other than. . . You need it!

You're counting down until the happiest day EVER!

6. Satin Robes - The cutest for getting ready! Most of my brides have me arrive on their wedding

day as they're getting ready. That way, I can capture the whole day from start to finish. It's wayyyy

cuter for bridesmaids (and the bride) to be in matching/coordinating robes rather than t-shirts and

gym shorts. Plus, you will less likely mess up your hair and makeup. ;) They all come in multiple


7. Table Numbers - In most cases you will need these, but there really isn't any reason to spend a

lot of money on them. As long as they sit and look pretty, you're good to go!

8. Gifts & Cards Sign - You would be shocked by the number of times I've been asked where the

gifts/cards go. . . Your guests are giving you something, make it easy for them.

9. Exit/Send Off Props - A wedding exit is so much fun, but also helps you get out of the reception. If you didn't have a send off, you would be there all night talking to your guests because everyone wants to talk to you! Some of my favorite exits are sparklers, bubbles and ribbon wands. . . You'll have to purchase sparklers in a store, sorry!

As we all know, Amazon's options are endless, but these are just a few of my favorites! Did you by something for your wedding that you absolutely love? Leave a comment to share with other brides!

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