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Branding Session with 218 Creative - Savannah, Georgia

Who is this girl? Where are these images taken?! Why is there a dinosaur? Don't worry!! I have all the answers for you! Justina is the creative director of 218 Creative based in Los Angeles! "218 Creative is a communications agency designed to meet the demands of small businesses, organizations, and teams." Justina reached out just days before she was taking her trip cross country to Savannah, Georgia. She was in a little bit of a panic because she had a photo shoot planned with another photographer that pretty much fell off the face of the earth. Unfortunately, it happens. But, not at MDB Photography! After just one phone call, I could tell Justina was SO creative, knowledgeable and just a beautiful person inside and out. I did not want to let this boss lady down!

We talked about her goals for the photo shoot. What she was trying to achieve, what she wanted the photos to say about her and her company, where the images will be used and every other little detail you can think of. She told me she wanted to start the photo shoot at her Airbnb. I'll admit, I was like, "okay. . . whatever you say. . ." Then , she sent me the link on Airbnb's website. Y'all! This is truly a hidden gem in Savannah! It's a treehouse in the Starland District of Savannah. There's a hammock, a swing on a branch (inside), a dinosaur you can ride, a photo booth and just the cutest decorations! It was perfect for the colorful aesthetic we were going for!

After the Airbnb images, we took a short walk to Henny Penny to use their adorable and creative cafe as our location! It was the perfect location to show off 218 Creative colorful side! If you haven't been to Henny Penny, you must! Especially, if you have craft-loving little ones!

I'm so happy mine and Justina's paths crossed! Not only did I get to create an AWESOME shoot but, I also gained a super creative friend! If you are a small business that needs help with email marketing, social media, website content or even blog content. . . 218 Creative is the BEST choice! And. . . You don't have to live in Savannah to be able to work with them! I'm telling you, in just one phone call, you will be able to tell that Justina is SO creative, smart and friendly!

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15. aug. 2021

Great posst thankyou

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