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Instagram Guide to Savannah, GA

Savannah, Georgia was MADE for Instagram. From the cobblestone lanes, to the Spanish Moss covered Oak trees to the Low Country beach. . . It's full of locations your Instagram feed needs! I pinky promise! Whether you're a local or a visitor, you're going to want to stop and have a mini photo shoot at these top 10 Savannah Instagram spots!

1. Tybee Island

Just a twenty-five minute drive from downtown Savannah is the most adorable beach on Tybee Island! The perfect location for the beach babes or beach hunks ;) There's so many perfect backdrops from the pier, back beach and of course, the ocean! I've shot so many times out there from fashion shoots, branding photos, engagement photos and even bridal portraits!

Let's get nautical! Isle of Hope Marina is the perfect photo location if you're feeling nauti - get it ;) When you arrive to this breath-taking place I suggest you step into the office real quick and just tell them you're going to taking some photos. They are some of the sweetest people you'll ever meet, but talking to them before is never a bad idea. The boats and reflections off the water is SO gorgeous!

3. Factor's Walk

This one's for the history nerds! This spot is most likely the most underrated photo op in the Historic District of Savannah. There’s an adorable bridge that connects Bay Street to Factors Walk, which was home to Savannah’s original Cotton Exchange. It's quite possibly one of the best spots in Savannah to get a spooky photo for spooky season. You know, Savannah is one the most haunted cities in America!

4. Forsyth Park

This 30 acre park located in the Historic District of Savannah is the perfect romantic location. Full of all things Savannah from Spanish Moss covered trees, monuments, the famous fountain and so much more! This famous location is perfect for all kinds of portraits from couple to families!

5. Savannah Wildlife Refuge

This 28,168 acre Georgia State Park lies on both the South Carolina and Georgia sides of the Savannah River. This one is for the adventurous ones! You drive your car on gravel and dirt roads through the refuge and if you see a photo-op. . . Pull over, hop out and strike that pose! It has all the Low Country vibes and you may even be able to spot a wildlife creature or two.

6. Savannah's Twenty-two Squares

Savannah is known for it's grid layout throughout the city that makes room for twenty-two squares! Each square has it's own personality that makes it a little different from the next. These squares are perfect for branding shoots or even a wedding! You can pick your square based on if you're wanting a fountain or gazebo or maybe you want to do a photo in each square!

This one you've seen in the magazines. It's the location everyone comes for because of it's dirt road entrance lined with stunning trees covered in the moss we all love so much. For just a small entrance fee you can get your photo taken in this magazine worthy location.

Quite possibly one of the most stunning hotels you'll ever step foot into. From it's downstairs restaurant, the Emporium, to it's rooftop bar with one of the most gorgeous views of Savannah. . . You cannot go wrong! They also have frozen rosé that is to die for!

9. Jones Street

If you Google "Prettiest street in Savannah, Georgia". . . Jones street comes up and there is no question why. It was voted one of the most beautiful streets in North America by Southern Living. It's definitely one for the bucket list. There's gorgeous homes (that most owners allow to be used for photos) and the street is lined with trees covered in Spanish Moss. Definitely a must during your Savannah visit.

10. River Street

River Street is one of those places that everyone will ask if you've been when you talk about your Savannah vacation. It's located on the Savannah River, shocker! ;) Get your photo taken on the balconies at Vic's on the River or right on the walkway next to the river to get the Talmadge bridge in the background.

I may be a little biased, but Savannah is one of the most picture-worthy cities. You can simply take a walk and find the most stunning photo-ops. There's so many more Insta-worthy locations, but these will get your Instagram followers wishing they were with you in the photo.


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