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Must-Have Wedding Day Kit

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Wedding days are always special, unique and FULL of love. One thing that you shouldn't be missing on your special day is a wedding day kit. Everything that could fix a problem that may (we all hope it won't) happen. These items will help with all problems from a torn gown to chapped lips. Here’s a list of essentials you shouldn’t be caught without on your big day!

“Better to have, and not need, than to need, and not have.” – Franz Kafka

Savannah, Georgia Wedding Photographer, Savannah, Georgia Wedding

1. Sewing Kit & Safety Pins

Whether we like it or not, there's always accidents that could happen. From a rip in a suit to a dress that's a tad to big. A sewing kit and safety pins can help!

2. Chapstick

There's nothing worse than trying to smile with chapped lips. And, there's lots of smiles on a wedding day. Let's be honest, most women have chapstick in their car, purse, backpack, diaper bags and other random places. . . But, on a wedding day we usually don't bring all our goodies. So, remembering chapstick to save your smile is a good idea.

3. Bottle of water

On such a busy and exciting day, many forget to drink water. They usually remember to drink mimosas and beer, but rarely remember the stuff that keeps us hydrated. As a photographer, I always ask the bride "want some water?" or sometimes even get her a water and hand it to her because no one wants a light headed bride.

Savannah, Georgia Wedding Photographer, Savannah, Georgia Wedding

4. Bobby Pins & Hairspray

Think about it, the bride and bridesmaids usually get up super early and have their hair done by a professional. You know, the experts. . . But, once the experts do their job, they very rarely ever stay the whole day unless it's a friend or family member that did the hair magic. So, what happens if a piece of hair falls right before the ceremony or you've been dancing too hard to Sweet Caroline? Bobby pins and hairspray! This way you can ensure your hair in runway-ready (aisle-ready) no matter what!

5. Tissues

It's an emotional day full of tears, happy tears! We all know it. It could be the bride, mother of the bride, sister of the bride or my favorite, the groom. Tissues come in handy more times than not.

Savannah, Georgia Wedding Photographer, Savannah, Georgia Wedding

6. Perfume & Deodorant

The last thing you want on your wedding day is to be smelly. Your groom or bride will love you anyway, but who wants to be smelly on such a special day??

7. Gum and/or Mints

We usually carry one of these in our everyday handbag, but we tend to downsize on a wedding day. So, don't forget it! A quick pass around of a pack of gum can keep the bridal party's breath feeling fresh. (That sounds like a commercial) But, please don't forget to spit it out before you walk down the aisle or before formal portraits.

8. Band-aids and Advil

It could be a hangover, little sleep or a blister from your cute wedding day shoes. But, if you're anything like me. . . I can't function at all if I'm in pain. You'd rather have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. The blister band-aids are amazing for blisters from new shoes!

Savannah, Georgia Wedding Photographer, Savannah, Georgia Wedding

9. Lint Roller

This one's for the groom and groomsmen because they are notorious for just throwing their jacket on the floor with all the dog hair or on the bed with the fuzzy blanket. We don't need your photographer to Photoshop every single dog hair off your jacket. As a photographer, I can tell you that every photographer will thank you. ;)

10. Garment Tape

I carry this in my equipment bag when I'm shooting weddings. Strapless dresses usually need a little help and when everyone is in need of garment tape and I pull out of my bag, I look like a hero. Who doesn't like feeling like a hero for a little bit? We don't need you yanking your dress up or the possibility of anything falling out. ;)

Savannah, Georgia Wedding Photographer, Savannah, Georgia Wedding

11. Tide to-go Stick

I'm known for spilling anything and everything. I've seen lipstick get on plenty of things it isn't suppose to be on. Tide will save the day!

12. Steamer

Another item I usually keep with me. Sounds crazy, but this becomes super useful in destination weddings. Think about it, most everyone is traveling. Dresses are being shoved in suitcases and instantly being wrinkled. Your hair and makeup could look stunning and then you pull out your

dress. . . Oops! Even if you just keep it in your trunk like I do, so if you need it, you have it. Throw some water in that steamer and BOOM, you'll be good to go in just a few minutes!

Savannah, Georgia Wedding Photographer, Savannah, Georgia Wedding

Wedding days are such a huge milestone in your life. Whether I am your photographer or not, I want you to be as prepared as you can be so you can have the most beautiful day!

Are there any items we missed that you wouldn’t be caught without on your wedding day? Anything you wished you had to make your day go more smoothly? Share them with us in the comments below!


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