Unique Wedding Favors for your Savannah Wedding

Wedding favors. . . Do you have to have them at your wedding? Absolutely not, but it's a sweet gesture to show your guests how much you appreciate them taking the time (and money) to be part of your big day.

I've seen TOO MANY favors left at tables after the wedding. It hurts me because I know the bride and groom spend a lot of time and money on them. It could be that the guests forgot, but usually they weren't interested.

How do you make sure you don't waste money on wedding favors? A crowd pleasing wedding favor will always be food or a beverage. Everyone loves food. Think about where you are getting married and the "staples" to that location. Think about the local favorites. Not only is food a big hit at every wedding, but you are also supporting local businesses - WIN, WIN!

Here are my favorite unique wedding favors for your Savannah wedding:

1. Pralines - Savannah's Candy Kitchen or River Street Sweets

THE staple of Savannah. A must have for any visitor when they come to Savannah.

Savannah's Candy Kitchen Website

River Street Sweets Website

2. Honey - Savannah Bee Company

I don't know a single person that doesn't like honey. Whether you lick it off a spoon or put it in your cooking. Savannah Bee Company has SO many different flavors and you can purchase them in adorable little jars. You could even tie a cute pun on it that says, "Thanks for bee-ing here with us" or "Honey, I do."

Savannah Bee Company Website

2. A Beer - Service Brewing Co. or Two Tides Brewing Company

Obviously, your guests must be 21 or older for this one. . . You may immediately win my heart by having either of these at your wedding. I'm a sucker for a local beer. Fun Fact! One of my couples met at Two Tides AND got engaged at Two Tides! I'm still waiting for a couple that met at Service, if that's you, please let me photograph your wedding!

Service Brewing Co. Website
Two Tides Brewing Company Website

4. A Shot - Ghost Coast Distillery

Obviously, another favor for the older crowd, but super fun and local. Ghost Coast Distillery makes the finest in craft spirits, while embracing Savannah’s unique past. You can get whiskey, vodka rum, or gin made right here in Savannah! Head to one of our local liquor stores for their mini liquor bottles and attach an adorable pun like, "Take a shot, we tied the knot."

Ghost Coast Distillery Website

5. Cookies - Byrd's Famous Cookies

Last but not least, cookies from Byrd's! They have SO many flavors! My favorite for wedding favors are the Georgia Peach Cookies. How perfect for a Georgia wedding?! Of course, attach a pun like, "A sweet ending to a new begining." Adorable and tasty!

I hope this helps and your wedding is everything you've dreamed of! Wishing you many years of happiness and tasty Savannah treats!

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