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Phew! That was easy! Thank you so much for reaching out!

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- Morgan, Owner and Lead Photographer


Planning a wedding (or any session) is extremely fun and exciting. My job is to keep it that way. My blogs feature past sessions, weddings, how-to's and other tips to make your special day or photo session the best it can be!

  • What education do you have?
    I am proud to say that I went to one of the top art schools in the world, Savannah College of Art & Design! I majored in photography and double minored in fashion photography and advertising photography. Although I went to school for fashion and advertising photography, I have been shooting wedding since the age of fifteen!
  • Do I need a second photographer?
    I will never tell you what to do on your day. . . I mean, it is your day! No, you don't NEED a second photographer, but I think you will want one. There’s plenty of benefits to having a second photographer. Having two photographers allows for one photographer to capture the bride getting ready and the other to document the groom. If you decide you want to do a first look, one of us can capture one of your reactions, while the one of us capture's your partner's reaction. Lastly, I highly recommend two photographers if you have more than 75-100 guests. It's hard to capture 200 people when there's just one of me.
  • How do you describe your approach to a wedding day?
    My approach is similar to having your best friend by your side throughout your whole day. By the time your wedding day comes we will actually be friends. Mostly because I love each and every one of my couples, but there's also the purpose of you feeling comfortable around me. I'm there for you every step of planning. I'm simply there to document the intimate moments. The real moments between you and your future husband, the first time your dad sees you in your gown and the first tear that rolls down your mom's cheek. I try to intefere as little as possible so as many of those sweet moments evolve and I can capture them so you can relive them for years to come.
  • How do you describe your photography style?
    I like to describe my style as timeless with warm tones and rich greens. I don't want clients to look at their photos years from now and think, "that's SO 2022!" Just like fashion, there's always trends in art/photography - over editing, over exposed, etc. My timeless, yet artistic, style will keep your photos feeling relevant decades from now.
  • I love your work, how do I book you?
    Good question! In order to reserve your date and time, we require a signed contract and fifty percent retainer. The retainer will be subtracted from the total payment. The remaining balance is not due until the day of the photo shoot/wedding day.
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