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10 Things Every Maid of Honor Should Do

Bridesmaids covering eyes to have their first look with the bride at a wedding in Savannah, Georgia.

If you have been asked to be a Maid of Honor or Matron of Honor. . . Congrats! That is a huge honor and you should be so excited! With such a fun title, comes a lot of responsibility. What exactly does a MoH have to do? Here's 10 Things Every Maid of Honor Should Do. . .

1. Plan the Bachelorette Party

Work with the rest of the bridesmaids to put together a bachelorette party! Keep the bride's personality in mind to create a bachelorette party she will never forget!

2. Plan the Wedding Shower

Work with the bridesmaids and possibly the mother of the bride to plan the wedding shower. Get a list of guests from the bride and start planning. It can be a lot. . . invitations, venue, catering, decorations. . . Don't be afraid to assign jobs to the rest of the bridal party.

3. Help Pick THE Dress

Having worked at a bridal shop before. . . I've seen it all. I've seen a bride-to-be fall in love with a dress and not get it because her bestie didn't like it. Girlfriend, it's not your wedding. Be a friend and tell her if it's not flattering, but let her pick her own dress. You're there to help, not pick out the dress that YOU like the most.

4. Make an Emergency Kit

Be in charge of any last minute items. Jessica's going to need a lint roller. Alyssa is going to need deodorant. It's better to have and not need than to need and not have, especially on a wedding day. If you need help, check out our blog post on Must-Have Wedding Day Kit!

5. Keep the Ring Safe

Guard it with your life.

6. Keep the Girls on Schedule

We all know what it's like trying to get a bunch of girls ready at the same time. Do your best to keep everyone on schedule.

7. Keep the Bride Calm

If the bride seems to be getting stressed, lighten the mood! Talk about one of your funniest memories, play music, drink mimosas, do a handstand. . . Whatever you have to do!

8. Be a Receptionist

If possible, hold the bride's phone. The last thing a girl wants to do on her wedding day is answer any texts/calls from guests. You will most likely have the answer, let her enjoy her wedding day.

9. Hold the Bride's Bouquet During the Ceremony

She's going to need her hands to hold on to her soulmate during the ceremony. Don't worry, you won't be holding that heavy bouquet long. She will need it back when she walks back down the aisle as a married woman!

10. Sign and Witness the Marriage License

Don't forget this! This is the most important part of your job!



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