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Top Holidays Gifts on Amazon for Brides

With the holidays right around the corner and all of these new bride-to-be's. . . I figured a little Amazon gift guide was in order for those brides in your life! From gifts I have received. . . to gifts I have given. . . and even things I've bought for myself! ;) Here are my favorite holidays gifts for brides on Amazon!

In order to view the product on Amazon, simply click the image!

Slippers - I bought the "I Do" slippers for my sister-in-law as one of her engagement gifts and she LOVED them! They are great quality, super comfy and look adorable in getting ready photos on the big day!

"Does this ring make me look engaged?" Mug - Perfect for the coffee or tea loving bride. Wedding planning is exhausting, caffeine is a must!

Wedding Countdown - If you were or are one of my brides, you know I end almost every email with "___ day until the big day!" It always exciting to see that number smaller and smaller. The day closer and closer!

Sweatshirts - Be sure to sure which finger is up on the first one. . . ;) This was one of the first things I bought after getting engaged because I thought it was so funny and cute. I'm slightly obsessed with it.

Ring Holders - As much as a new bride-to-be wants to keep her ring on 24/7, there are certain times when it should come off. . . Having a special place to put it so it doesn't get lost is a must!

Bride Bags - Perfect for wedding planning! A perfect place to keep all the notes and papers in one place and ready for on the go. . . But, also works perfectly for the wedding day! Keep your wedding day essentials in one place - touch up lipstick, perfume and reception shoes.

Travel Jewelry Box - Especially useful for the destinations brides. A cute and practical way to store all the sparkles!

Tumblers - Keep that bride hydrated! Whether it's water or something a little stronger ;)

Ornament - The sweetest Christmas keepsake to remind a couple where it all started every time the holiday season comes around, year after year.

Wedding Planner - One of the first things a bride needs after getting engaged. Wedding planning can be stressful, but a planner to keep you organized helps keep some of the stress off.

Bridal Shoes - Every bride needs a fun pair of comfy shoes that scream, "I'm a bride!" Perfect for every bridal outfit. Whether it's for a bridal shower, bachelorette party or even cake tasting!

Wine Glass - Again, wedding planning can be stressful. Wine in a festive glass takes off the edge.

Please note: Morgan Buchas under MDB Photography has partnered with Amazon. Morgan Buchas makes a portion of purchases made through the above products.


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